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Teeling & Gallagher, Inc.

In 1946, Don Teeling left his position at the Accurate Spring Company and founded a sales agency called the D.G. Teeling Company. This agency was based in Indianapolis as a sole proprietorship selling springs, fasteners, plastics, die castings and machined parts. Coinciding with the close of World War II, there were huge amounts of companies that were getting established that needed representation to sell their products just as there were a great number of companies ramping up production that needed knowledgeable reps to help them find the right solution for their product.


The D.G. Teeling Company continued to grow with great success for many years and hired Tom Gallagher in 1960. Times were changing from the simpler days which led Don to incorporate Schaetzlein Corporation in 1962 in the state of Indiana. During those days, the company grew as he added more salespeople and more staff to support the customers and the needs of the principals.


In 1971, Don gave Tom the opportunity to buy into the agency leading to the establishment of Teeling & Gallagher which was founded under the Schaetzlein Corporation name.  Don slowly lessened his role as leader while Tom took the reins and charged forward completely taking control of the stock and direction of Teeling & Gallagher.  As President and owner of Teeling & Gallagher, Tom continued to expand the company into a multi-person agency establishing relationships with principals and customers that still last to this day.


With a constant emphasis on growth and thoughts of succession for his agency, Tom hired Bob Gallagher in 1992. Growing up around his father's business was normal for Bob who was working for another rep agency selling engineering solutions for Dow Chemical.  As Tom groomed Bob, he focused on educating Bob about the industry with a constant emphasis on "Representing the Manufacturer".  After establishing the goal of succession and careful planning with Tom, Bob Gallagher completed the purchase of the stock in 2009.  Now that Bob is President, he's continued the traditions that were instilled in him from the beginning of his tenure at Teeling & Gallagher.