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Teeling & Gallagher, Inc. feels that in today’s business climate, technical knowledge and service to the customer base is extremely important and necessary to function in the business place. Founded in 1946, our agency has been in business for decades and is highly regarded in both Indiana and Kentucky by both our customers and Principals. We are an award-winning agency and the largest producer for several of the companies that we represent.


Our Indianapolis headquarters is centrally located for your convenience and serves as a focal point for our business. It is here that orders are processed and handled by our support staff and direction is given to our outside sales force. Each person in our organization has a territory and direct responsibility which means better service for our Principals. Our people make regular visits with design engineers, purchasing and manufacturing engineers throughout our territory. We focus on our larger customer base but still allow plenty of time for our smaller customers and prospective customers throughout our sales territory. We pride ourselves in having professional and effective communications with our principals and are staffed to keep you well informed of our activities.


We are growing and are willing to add any additional resources to support the goals of our Principals. The sales people at Teeling & Gallagher, Inc. are highly motivated, result oriented and have had many years of successful selling. We are interested in strategically expanding our base with a successful company that wants a partner who will provide value-added services and who has a track record of success along with a solid foundation for the future.



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"Bob Gallagher's rep story mirrors that of many other MANA members. He grew up around the profession. Immediately after graduating from college he took a position as a rep and today he serves as the president of Teeling & Gallagher, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana."


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