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"Representing the Manufacturer since 1946"


Received a Bachelor of Science degree from the Purdue University School of Technology's Organizational Leadership program. He has attended several seminars and training in sales and manufacturing techniques from Dow Chemical, Georgia Pacific, General Motors, SPS Technologies, and Dupont. He started his career working for Subaru-Isuzu Automotive on a Quality Rework Team and then at Allison Transmission as a Manufacturing Engineer. Bob then started his rep career selling for Dow Chemical and Georgia-Pacific before joining Teeling & Gallagher in 1993. He completed a post graduate three-year program at Indiana University to become a CPMR (Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative) and is also an ISO9000 Certified Technician. Bob is the President of Teeling & Gallagher, Inc. and calls on OEMs in Central and Northern Indiana.


Received a Bachelor of Science degree from the Purdue University School of Engineering & Technology and has been involved with selling engineered solutions since 1995. He has excelled as a Sales Engineer and Sales Manager for international and domestic manufacturing companies that produce specialized components, bearing and bushing solutions, testing and measurement devices, custom tooling, and CNC machine tools. Dwight has effectively managed all aspects of the product development process with many industry leaders in the transportation, medical and aerospace segments giving him an understanding of the processes unique to each industry. He has a history of success in customer development, marketing strategy, and project coordination. Dwight is responsible for the OEM accounts in Southern Indiana and Kentucky.


Received a Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana State University. Before joining Teeling and Gallagher, she was Inside Sales Manager for a company that provided international shipping and handled all aspects or those transactions. She has built a career with experience in customer service, project management and sales administration which offers a great resource for our clients.  Eileen provides an immediate voice and personal touch to anyone that contacts us with questions or orders and can link any customer to our outside sales force quickly to help solve any issues or provide solutions. She is always in our office during business hours processing requests from our customers and furnishing the key transactional details necessary in today‚Äôs demanding atmosphere.